BuzzStream University: Account Administration

Learn how to conquer the administrative in’s and out’s of your BuzzStream account, including how to add users, manage your invoices, and change your BuzzStream plan.

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How to Set Up Email Privacy Rules
Learn how to set up email privacy rules so you can keep sensitive exchanges private.
How to Set Up Do Not Contact Rules
Learn how to set up do not contact rules so you don't accidentally reach out to the wrong contact.
How to Set Email Send Limits
Learn how to set send limits so you don't go over the amount allowed by your provider.
How to Modify Your BuzzStream Plan
Learn how to change your BuzzStream plan level.
How to Manage User Roles
Learn how to define user roles and permissions in BuzzStream.
How to Add Users to Your BuzzStream Account
Leasrn how to add additional users to your BuzzStream account.
How to Add or Edit Email Unsubscribe Messages
Learn how to give contacts the option to unsubscribe from messages.
Managing Your BuzzStream Invoices
Learn how to access and manage your BuzzStream invoices.
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