Paul May

Paul May is the CEO and co-founder of BuzzStream. Previously, Paul was the first employee at, helping grow the company through its IPO. Paul also helped build products and grow revenue at BMC, Tonic, Alterpoint, Wavebender, and Pluck. You can follow Paul on Twitter or Google Plus.

What Google Says About Email Outreach Campaign Deliverability

The Internet is flooded with articles covering every topic related to email deliverability. Many of these are quite valuable, but for marketing outreach professionals, the problem with this information is two-fold: Most of these articles are focused on traditional email marketing, rather than Read more

Help us design auto-followups in the Outreach Module!

Hi everyone, Now that we've added bulk send to BuzzStream, we've begun the work on "outreach sequences" (which will include auto-followups). The feedback we received from all of you during the 'bulk send' design process was incredibly helpful and we're looking forward to your help designing sequences. I'm Read more

Start of the bulk send beta!

Thanks again for being part of the bulk send beta! In case you run into any issues or forget anything presented in the webinar, I put together this four minute video overview of the capabilities. Two reminders about the beta: Right now, you can only select 100 contacts at a time for Read more

Help us improve the BuzzStream Outreach Module!

Hi everyone, We're working on two major improvements to BuzzStream's outreach capabilities: 1) bulk send capabilities, and 2) "outreach sequences" (which will include auto-followups). Our goal is to release the "bulk send" feature by the end of March and we'd like your help designing it! I'm hoping Read more

Introducing the BuzzStream Reporting Module

As a marketing professional, you're familiar with the complexity of managing influencer relationships and tracking their direct benefit to your business. When you're managing (or part of) a team trying to work quickly and cohesively, gaining visibility into everyone's  effectiveness has been an incredibly Read more

Want to Join BuzzStream? We’re Looking for a Head of Content Marketing

A lot of people ask me how we've been able to consistently deliver such high quality content across all of our content channels for such a long period of time. The majority of the credit for this belongs to Matt Gratt. Until this spring, virtually every piece of our content was created, edited or conceived Read more

Content Marketing Fairy Dust

  NEWSFLASH!   Despite what you've read, your “epic content” isn't going to magically go viral seconds after you click the publish button. There is no content marketing fairy. Like it or not, you’re going to have to work hard to promote your content. I mean really hard. "Well, Hi Paul....Bad Read more

Applying Sales and Recruiting Principles to Outreach

In a lot of the posts I see about content promotion, an underlying theme is "if you want great results from your outreach, follow the golden rule." While the “do unto others” sentiment is heartwarming, it's not particularly helpful for improving outreach performance. More useful lessons can be learned Read more

mozCon 2012: My Takeaways

MozCon 2012 has come and gone and the big topic of the conference was content marketing….shocking, I know. 😉  Overall, the quality of the speakers and content was very strong and it was a great week in Seattle. What I found interesting was how many of the speakers had seemingly conflicting views. Read more

Product Update: More Flexible Filtering and Improved Tag Management

This week, we've checked off two more features that many BuzzStream power users and team accounts have been clamoring for. We've added more flexible ways to filter your contacts and better ways to manage tags. Tag Management In BuzzStream, tags are one of the primary ways you classify your contacts Read more