Relationship Tracking Automation Improvements

As you may know, Relationship Stages are one of the ways BuzzStream allows you to get insight into your relationship with contacts in your campaigns. Some of those stages are defined by you, and others are set by BuzzStream and will transition automatically when certain criteria are met (for example, when you send an email we’ll move a contact to “attempting to reach”, and when you receive a reply we’ll change the stage to “replied”).

We’ve just added several new automated stages so BuzzStream can do even more work for you to enable you to easily get insight into relationships without any additional work on your part.

Those new stages are:

  • Scheduled: when you schedule an email to send in the future, the contact will be moved to this stage so you know they’ve got emails coming up.
  • Paused: when an email is paused, either by a user or by BuzzStream’s system, the contact will move to this stage 
  • Bounce: if an email is sent but can’t be delivered to a recipients email address, the contact will move to this stage so you can modify or remove the email address
  • Send Failure: if a known problem causes an email to fail to send, the contact will move to this stage so you can take corrective action
  • Unsuccessful – No Reply: if a contact has been sent the last stage of their sequence and don’t reply within a certain period of time that you define, they will be moved to this stage

We’ve put together a quick video talking you through these stages as well:

We hope these new stages provide more actionable information you can use to manage and interact with your contacts. Please let us know any questions or feedback you’ve got!

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