Start of the bulk send beta!

Thanks again for being part of the bulk send beta! In case you run into any issues or forget anything presented in the webinar, I put together this four minute video overview of the capabilities.

Two reminders about the beta:

  • Right now, you can only select 100 contacts at a time for a bulk send. We’ll be increasing this over the next few weeks.
  • We’ll be adding a new dynamic field called “greeting” in the next few weeks. This will give you a way to put in a fallback greeting when you don’t have a person’s first name (e.g., replacing “Hi [FirstName],” with “Hi there,”)

I’m looking forward to your feedback! Feel free to comment below…if you’d rather contact me directly, I can be reached at




  • Thanks for the overview video Paul. Unfortunately I’ve missed the webinar and don’t have the beta feature in my account. So eagerly waiting for the general release. Any estimation time?

    And I’m curious to know that in the first screen, it shows in the video, there’s almost no discovered contacts in the list. How did it get all those name and addresses in just one click?
    (I’m new to Buzzstream. apologize if this is a stupid question.)

  • Hi Jubaer,

    Not a stupid question at all. 🙂

    In the video, I’m showing an example where the contact record has been curated by the user. I.e., when they created the website, they added contacts and contact info.

    We’ll be releasing it next week. If you’d like us to set up a training session for your team, just let me know…happy to set that up.

  • Will it be possible to pull email information from “Profile Info” as you can with individual sends?

  • Hi Julie! Do you mean the ‘Discovered Contact Info’ that BuzzStream finds? If that’s what you’re talking about, yes you can. Here’s a video that shows how you do this.

    Is this what you’re talking about? Thoughts on the implementation?